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Analysis Of The Performance Advantage Of Shandong Coarse Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-12 15:33:15

The so-called coarse crushing equipment is a kind of coarse crushing equipment, which is widely used in mineral processing and other fields for coarse crushing operation. Coarse crushing plays a decisive role in the whole ore crushing operation. The crushing effect depends on whether the coarse crushing effect is good or not. Therefore, the coarse crusher has become an ideal crushing equipment in various fields. However, many friends are not very familiar with this crusher. Here are the advantages of this crusher.

1. The crushing chamber has large depth, large production capacity and low energy consumption. Compared with other crushers with the same ore mouth width, the production capacity of the coarse crusher is more than twice as high. However, for each ton of ore crushed, the energy consumed by the coarse crusher is 0.5-1.2 times lower than that of other crushers. In the face of a large number of production requirements, Shandong coarse crusher can work continuously to meet the different needs of users. This is a very important crusher for modern users, but also for the interests of the majority of users.

2. The foundation weight of the coarse crusher is 5-10 times of its own weight in comparison with that of the crusher with stable operation and normal vibration amplitude. However, the foundation weight of the coarse crusher is 2-3 times of its own weight, which plays a great role in the long-term continuous operation of the equipment. Working stability is the characteristic of each coarse crusher, and this advantage is also loved by many users.

3. The coarse crushing equipment can be full of ore feeding. The crushing chamber of general crusher is not allowed to be full of ore feeding. However, the crusher can break through the defect of traditional crusher and realize the purpose of filling the wood point of ore feeding. Moreover, Shandong coarse crusher can also feed materials directly without adding ore bin and feeder, and there is no uniform feeding required by other crushers. Save feeding time, improve work efficiency and bring higher benefits to entrepreneurs.

There are many advantages in the production of Shandong coarse crusher. The above is a brief introduction. In fact, each crusher has its own advantages and disadvantages, although compared with other equipment, the advantages of the crusher are more. However, the coarse crushing equipment has its own disadvantages, such as large size, heavy weight, high investment cost, and complex installation and maintenance. Therefore, many users can only wait and see the equipment, and have no ability to purchase it. If the equipment wants to enter the production site of every entrepreneur, it also needs the help of modern technology to improve its own shortcomings.


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