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Analysis Of The Importance Of Classifier In The Production Of High Fineness Mill

Last Update:2020-05-07 21:20:47

As one of the most important parts of the high-precision pulverizer, the classifier has a great influence on the production of the high-precision pulverizer, for example, it directly affects the output of the equipment, so the classifier plays a key role in the production of the pulverizer. Then someone will ask, what is the relationship between the classifier and the high-precision grinding machine, and what is the impact on the high-precision grinding opportunity if it is installed. Now let's have a detailed analysis and answer for you. The classifier plays a very important role in the high fine mill, its quality will directly affect the output of the high fine mill. Therefore, the installation position of the classifier of high-precision grinder is also very important. Many enterprises do not know the installation position when manufacturing high-precision grinder and sales equipment. For the installation of the classifier, the user needs to ask professional technicians to answer, and put the classifier device in a reasonable position, so as to better play its role. The particles entering the classifier shall be fully dispersed, otherwise, the agglomerated particles will be taken as large particles to be driven out of the wheel and grinded again, which will reduce the output of fine powder and increase the energy consumption of the high fine mill. So it is very important that the classifier is placed in the right position. Because the inner part of the classification chamber has the downstream guiding function, which is conducive to the qualified materials entering into the impeller, the unqualified coarse powder will be returned to the high fine grinding machine for grinding. At the same time, the classifier is also related to the size of equipment output, so it must be installed accurately.


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