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Analysis Of The Fragility Of Ore Materials And The Necessity Of Breaking Them In Stages

Last Update:2020-05-13 17:01:19

Except in special cases, crushing is usually carried out in stages. This is because in most cases, the existing crushing equipment can not crush large raw ore to the required fineness at one time. The specific selection of crushing section number depends on the nature of raw ore, raw ore block size, product size and equipment type. Every time the material passes through one crushing, it is called a crushing section. For each crushing operation, the ratio of particle size before and after crushing (i.e. the ratio of feed to product) is defined as the crushing ratio of this section of crushing operation, which reflects the degree of particle size reduction of raw ore or raw material after crushing by crusher. The product of crushing ratio or crushing ratio of each section of crushing or crushing operation is the total crushing ratio of the crushing or crushing process flow.

The greater the material's fragility coefficient, the easier it is to be crushed. In the non-metallic mineral industry, calcite with medium fragility is generally selected as the standard mineral, and its fragility coefficient is 1. Because the calcite selected in the test is different, the fragility coefficient of various minerals can not be the standard value, but can be used for relative comparison.


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