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Analysis Of The Common Faults Of The Large Coal Gangue Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-14 00:42:22

Coal is an important energy resource in our country. The country has been committed to vigorously develop our energy industry. Therefore, there are many large and small coal mining enterprises in all provinces of China. The state's policy on coal development is not unlimited, and only in accordance with relevant regulations can the development be approved. Most of the regulations are based on the fact that the coal resources in China are fully and reasonably exploited. The development of the coal gangue crusher is based on the promotion of the development of the coal industry in China and the greater benefits for the majority of investors. However, in recent years, it has been found that when the coal gangue crusher is put into production, there will be a variety of failures, which makes many users have a headache. This paper mainly analyzes the causes of various failures from the analysis of the structure and operation principle of the coal gangue crusher, in order to find a better solution.

In any industry, any mechanical equipment after a long time of use will have one or another of the problems, these are inevitable. What we can do is to find out the cause of the fault and try to solve the problem quickly and well to avoid economic loss. As we all know, the production address of the general manufacturer will be in the remote area of the city. Even if the products we choose have good after-sales service, those after-sales service personnel cannot rush to the site users to solve the problems immediately due to the inconvenient transportation or long distance. Therefore, it requires our own maintenance personnel to have professional maintenance skills and experience. The following are the common faults and solutions in the operation of large-scale gangue crusher in coal mine enterprises.

When the oil pressure of coal gangue crusher fails to reach such a situation, there are multiple possibilities to cause such a situation, which should be determined according to the specific situation. For example, the gasket at the joint of the machine is deformed, so long as a new gasket is replaced. If the axial direction of the gangue crusher is misaligned, the general solution is to loosen the adjusting bolt and then tighten it. The oil suction port of the coal gangue crusher is often blocked. It should be that the daily cleaning is not done in place, resulting in too much dust or dust accumulated in the oil suction port. At this time, as long as the oil suction port is disassembled and cleaned, the oil suction port can be kept clean. Before the machine is in operation, the more important work is the test run. It is necessary to carefully check the operation of the mechanical equipment. When the machine device is completed, the empty car test run shall be carried out. Once problems are found, stop the vehicle in time for adjustment and maintenance. Only in this way can we ensure the smooth progress of production.

Every coal gangue crusher user will have their own set of maintenance methods and machines after long-term use. Different mechanical equipment and even different models have different maintenance methods and skills. When encountering big technical problems, we should consult regular manufacturers for solutions. In order to ensure that when the machine breaks down, it can solve the problem quickly in a short time without delaying the normal production. In the final analysis, we should choose a good manufacturer of mechanical equipment. Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domestic machinery manufacturing company with years of experience in production of crushers and excellent reputation. Their production of gangue crusher is reasonable in price and excellent in technology, which is well received by many customers at home and abroad.


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