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Analysis Of The Characteristics Of Impact Crusher Based On The Working Principle Of Structural Design

Last Update:2020-05-07 00:56:29

The impact crusher is a kind of processing equipment which uses punching technology to achieve the purpose of crushing materials. During operation, the material is impacted by the high-speed rotating plate hammer, and then it is impacted violently with the reaction plate at a faster speed. After the above process is repeated, the material interior continuously produces cracks and looseness, and finally achieves the purpose of crushing. Due to the direct contact and collision of materials with plate hammer and impact plate, the impact crusher is suitable for processing all kinds of materials with medium hardness. Due to the impact of the material, the joint surface is cracked, which makes the finished product cubic in shape, without tension cracks, with good particle shape, meeting the grade standards of all kinds of sand and stone aggregate. The crushing principle of "beating iron with stone" also makes the impact crusher have the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency and low energy consumption.

Let's look at the infrastructure of the impact crusher. The structure design of the impact crusher is very simple. It is mainly composed of shell, rotor and impact plate. It has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume and light weight. The working principle of impact crushing requires that hammer and impact plate have good impact resistance and wear resistance. In order to ensure the stability of equipment operation, large manufacturers usually use high-quality profiles, such as high chromium cast iron, which effectively extends the service life of vulnerable parts. From the diagram of the impact crusher, it can also be seen intuitively that it has large feed inlet and high crushing chamber, which makes the impact crusher have the advantages of large feed specification and high processing capacity. It has two or three crushing chambers, which can make the impact crusher meet the different production requirements of coarse, medium and fine crushing. Customers can easily change the size of the discharge material by adjusting the gap between the reaction plate and the plate hammer.


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