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Analysis Of Performance Advantage Of Stone Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-14 01:41:42

The outer surface of the stone is multi angular, the surface texture is rough, the specific surface area is large, the adhesion with asphalt is more firm, and the pavement strength and durability will be better. In the whole production process of Kaishan ore, the content of flat and long flat particles in the finished material will be mainly controlled to ensure the overall quality of the product. Stone impact breaking machine is an ideal choice for stone processing and production. The high-speed rotating rotor is used for three chamber impact breaking of stone, and the stone is discharged from the bottom of impact breaking.

According to the stone crushing experiment conducted by the stone crusher production experts, the operation advantages of the impact crusher are analyzed: first, the crushing ratio of the impact crusher is the ratio of the particle size of the imported material and the finished material after crushing, the greater the ratio, the greater the crushing ratio, and vice versa. The content of needle and flake in crushing ratio increases, and this law is not only applicable to impact crusher and jaw crusher, but also to cone crusher and European crusher. It has nothing to do with the crusher type. However, if the crushing ratio is too small, the output of the whole system will decrease, the internal circulation will increase, the crusher will wear more, the economy will be poor, and the production efficiency will be low. Therefore, in the whole production process, it is very important to choose the appropriate crushing ratio.

Advantage 2: in a closed-circuit circulation production process, the stone impact crusher will enlarge the discharge port, increase the load in circulation, and the stone particle shape will be better. In the whole process, due to the increase of circulation load, the wear of all equipment in the system will increase, but when the discharge port is enlarged, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced, and the deformation of the finished material particle is good.

Advantage 3. Open circuit and closed-circuit circulation in the secondary crushing process of the stone impact crusher, circulation is divided into circulation and closed-circuit circulation. The former is called "screen before crushing", and the latter is called "crushing before screening". Screening after crushing means that the material after primary crushing is first screened by the finished product and then enters the secondary crushing inlet for crushing, so that the output of the finished product is increased and the content of needle and flake is increased It also increased. Crushing before screening refers to entering all the first-class crushed materials into the feed inlet of the second-class crusher, and then entering the finished product screen for screening after re breaking. The whole system is a closed system, without loss of crushed materials, with large circulation load, but with good product shape.


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