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Analysis Of Design Technology Of Jc Big Hubei Broken Box In Shandong Province

Last Update:2020-05-14 15:43:39

Jaw crusher is a kind of more traditional crusher, which has been widely used in all kinds of production. In order to save materials, reduce the overall quality of the equipment, and ultimately improve the operation efficiency of the equipment, we must pay attention to the selection of the machine base and box body materials, and select the appropriate proportion and size. Let's take a look at the process of JC jaw box design.

In general, many users adopt the method of increasing the wall thickness in production, which can increase the strength of the frame and box of Shandong Ezhou crusher, but this method is not as practical as adding ribs. Once the rib plate is added to the big jaw fracture, the strength can be greatly enhanced, while the wall thickness can be increased, and the overall quality of the equipment can be reduced. However, in addition, the casting does not need to increase the wall thickness, so that it can well avoid some defects in the casting.

A lot of jaw crusher bases and boxes are very stressed in the process of equipment operation, and there will be some strong vibration, once a long time, it may lead to bending deformation of the big jaw crusher bases and boxes. Therefore, in the design, it is necessary to make a reasonable choice of the cross-section shape of the frame and the box, and the relevant personnel should do a good job in the design to ensure that the cross-section area does not increase, but also can reduce the overall quality of the equipment.

The shape of jaw crusher base and box can be said to be various. Generally, it includes base type and frame type according to the structural form. Shandong e break belongs to the fixed heavy machine, its frame and box structure are very complex, and the overall requirements for the rigidity of the equipment are relatively high, so it is necessary to select the appropriate way when casting, when necessary, it needs to add ribs, and also consider the combination of cost, production technology, quality, etc.

There are many kinds of design technologies for the box body of Shandong e-po, but the design needs to combine the actual production demand and the overall requirements of the equipment. The above is a brief introduction of several common processes and matters needing attention in the design of jaw crusher box. I hope that all manufacturers and users should attach great importance to it, and communicate closely when manufacturing equipment, so as to strive for the ideal equipment satisfying the users in the production place.


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