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Analysis Of 1210 Impact Crusher Manufacturer

Last Update:2020-05-14 01:08:13

1210 impact crusher is also called 1210 impact crusher. Although it is a crusher equipment in terms of name, it is often used as an ideal finished sand machine in the sand production line. The particle size of products produced by this type of crushing mechanism sand generally shows the cubic state, which is very popular with modern building construction materials. The following pf1210 impact crusher parts manufacturer will tell you about 1210 impact crusher Some maintenance knowledge of crusher.

1. Check the wear condition of impact crusher regularly. Regularly check the wear degree of each wear-resistant lining ring, lining plate, impeller flow passage lining plate, circumference guard plate and wear-resistant block. Replace or repair in time after wear. Replace the whole set of wear-resistant block at the same time after wear to ensure the impeller running balance. If the impeller body is found to be worn, it shall be replaced in time or repaired by the manufacturer. 2. Lubricate regularly. 1210 impact crusher adopts 3 × lithium base grease or molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) grease, the amount of which is 1 / 2-1 / 3 of the bearing cavity, the crusher works for 400H and adds proper amount of grease, the main shaft is opened for 2000h and the bearings are cleaned in pairs, the work is 7200-10000h, and the bearings should be replaced. 3. The drive belt is adjusted regularly. The tension of the transmission V-belt of 1210 impact breaking shall be adjusted regularly to ensure that the V-belt is evenly stressed. When driven by two motors, the V-belts on both sides shall be selected in groups to make each group length as consistent as possible, and the current difference between the two motors shall not exceed 15A. 4. Maintenance is strictly prohibited during work. 1210 impact crusher is a high-speed operation equipment. It is strictly prohibited to overhaul the crusher during operation. The operator shall operate on the designated post, and irrelevant personnel shall stay away from the equipment. If it is necessary to repair the crusher, it shall be carried out after shutdown.


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