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Analysis And Solution Of The Large Amount Of Dust Produced By Changzhou E Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-01 05:36:55

The main parts of the dust produced by the jaw crusher include the feeding port, discharging port and chute. During its operation, the boulders are extruded, impacted and broken, and the back chute slides onto the belt conveyor below. In this process, a large amount of dust will be produced, with a concentration of up to 500 ‰ / m3 - 2000 ‰ / m3. After the dust is generated at the dust source and driven by the air flow in the environment, it diffuses around the dust source, forming dust pollution. Changzhou e crusher manufacturers will mainly analyze and solve the dust generation of e crusher.

Because the jaw crusher is not totally closed and airtight, when working, the stone is squeezed and impacted, and the air in the stone powder gap is squeezed and moves outward at high speed, which drives the dust to escape together and raises a large amount of dust in an instant. The dusty air flow is discharged downward (a small part) through the chute or upward (a large part) through the feeding port, so as to generate high concentration of dust around the feeding port.

In addition, Liyang e crusher

3. Eliminate the height potential energy difference: the height potential energy difference of the hopper, protective cover, chute, etc. of the handling equipment due to the powder drop is the main cause of dust overflow and flying. The drop should be minimized and the inclination angle of chute chute should be reduced as much as possible. Some airtight chambers cause negative pressure excellently, which is conducive to dust collection.


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