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Analysis And Solution Of Common Faults In The Production Of Gypsum Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-03 07:04:26

Gypsum crusher is widely used in many production fields, such as metallurgy, coal, mining, power and other industries. However, in the process of production, due to a variety of reasons, there are often many failures of gypsum crushing equipment. At this time, effective measures need to be taken for maintenance. So what are the common failures in the production of crushing equipment? Let's learn about them.

The fault of gypsum crushing production line is that the belt of crusher turns over, which is encountered by many users. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the quality of the V-belt itself is up to standard. Once the belt is damaged, it shall be replaced in time. In addition, for the gypsum crusher, if there is a problem in its belt conveying and assembly, it also needs to attract the attention of the operator, and adjust the pulley in time to make it on the same plane.

In the process of production, if the discharge particles of gypsum crushing equipment are too large, it also indicates that the equipment is in failure and needs to be searched and maintained in time. Generally speaking, the main reason for this failure is that the hammer head of the equipment is worn and needs to be repaired or replaced in time. In addition, if the gap between the hammer and the crusher is too large, the discharge particles will be too large. At this time, the gap of the gypsum crusher needs to be adjusted.

Generally speaking, the production efficiency of gypsum crushing production line is very high, but in the actual production process, once the equipment bearing overheats, it needs to be paid attention to. Once this happens, it means that the bearings are dry and need to add lubricating oil in time. If the lubricating oil is still heated after adding, it is necessary to check whether the oil level meets the specified requirements in time, and repair or replace the damaged bearing of gypsum crusher thoroughly.

When gypsum crushing production line is in production, it is very common to encounter faults. The key is to find faults in time and find appropriate treatment measures. For all operators, several common faults of gypsum crushing equipment have been described in detail above, hoping to attract everyone's attention, do a good job in the maintenance of equipment in the production, check the faults in time if found, and remove them as soon as possible to make the production return to normal.


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