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Analysis And Explanation On Maintenance Of Different Types Of Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-08 14:17:51

Counterattack is a commonly used crushing machine. Of course, for operators, to use the crusher for a longer time, they need to master relevant maintenance and use knowledge. Especially for the maintenance knowledge of different impact crushers, many operators are relatively lacking in this aspect. Now let's talk about what should we pay attention to in the maintenance of one-off, two in one, two-stage and above impact crushers?

The maintenance of impact crusher should be divided into several different aspects. Simple division can be one-time impact crusher, two in one impact crusher, two-stage impact crusher maintenance. And according to which conditions to judge our impact crusher belongs to which maintenance conditions, let's take a specific look.

Front row, one-time impact crusher maintenance. If it belongs to this aspect of maintenance, it can be seen that generally speaking, the relatively small operators of glass mainly check the relevant adjustment devices, especially the obstacles that may be encountered in the discharge, as well as whether the lining plate is worn and needs to be replaced. Of course, it also includes the inspection of some lubricating oil. Like other machines, after a certain service life, we need to change the lubricating oil to ensure that the whole machine operation system is in a normal condition. Judging from the time, if it is a minor repair, it will take the operator about a month to three months.

Second, the maintenance of the two in one impact crusher is more complicated than the previous minor maintenance meeting. But it is similar to the previous minor repair. For example, the user can check the related lining plate, the related thrust plate, and various other connected devices. The wear and tear of the related machines need to be checked in this respect.

Third, about the situation of the impact crusher with two or more stages. This situation is even more complicated. In addition to all previous minor and intermediate repairs, users need to check, the key is to consider the replacement of the entire mandrel. Especially for the whole connecting rod and the joint of various metal parts, these parts should be replaced. Of course, the more complex the maintenance, the longer it will take. It will take about 5 years. We also remind users that the more extensive the overhaul is, the more careful it is and never neglect it.


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