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An Effective Method To Reduce The Heat Of The Main Shaft Of Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-12 21:24:19

As an important part of bauxite mill, the spindle is also the core part of the mill, so it will get the close attention of users. The main shaft sometimes has the problem of heating in the grinding production, so which factors will lead to this problem? How to reduce the generation of heat? Now let's analyze and answer for you. 1、 In order to reduce the heating of the main shaft of the bauxite mill, the user should first reduce the intermediate transmission links, such as belt, gear and other accessories, in the aspect of feeding. 2、 When users use bauxite mill, they should regularly add grease to the main shaft to prevent parts from rusting. It can also reduce the friction between accessories, because in addition to the friction between the material and the main shaft, there is also friction resistance between parts and components. The existence of lubricating oil is to reduce the effect of friction. Therefore, when the lubricating oil is insufficient, it is easy to increase the degree of friction between the spindles, resulting in temperature rise, and even deformation in serious cases. 3、 When the main shaft of bauxite mill is heated, the lubricating oil suitable for itself will rise, and when using oil mist lubrication, it will be reduced to 8 degrees, and the lubricating grease will be reduced to 16 degrees. With the increase of the numerical value, the cooling effect is obvious. For lubrication technology can be effectively applied to bauxite mill spindle, and can achieve better results.


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