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All Round Improvement Of Material Weight And Speed Of Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-01 21:05:54

In the whole sandstone industry, the jaw crusher is a more common and basic processing equipment. With the development of mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries, the demand for sand and stone in various industries is gradually increasing, and higher requirements are put forward for the production efficiency and processing capacity of various processing equipment. In the current crushing market, the jaw crusher is developing in the direction of energy saving and high efficiency. How to optimize and upgrade the equipment without changing the working principle of jaw crusher, so that the development of jaw crusher is in the front of the industry? Liu, an expert of Henan Machinery Industry Association, analyzed the material, structure and efficiency of the jaw crusher.

In terms of materials, most of the jaw crushers use steel as production materials. Professor Liu thinks: "the jaw plate is the main wear-resistant part of the jaw crusher. Because of various plastic wear and cutting wear, the jaw plate must have strong toughness. Therefore, the material selection of the jaw crusher is very important. The larger the size of the jaw, the larger the block of the processed material, the greater the impact load on the jaw plate, and the harder the jaw plate material should be. Different materials have different hardness, so the strength of corresponding jaw plate should be different. The material of the movable and fixed jaw plate should be different because of its different stress mode and wear mechanism. Of course, various materials also determine the weight of jaw crusher and its production stability. "

From the structural point of view, the structure of jaw crusher mainly includes the overall shape, the shape of components and the assembly of various components, and the structural optimization and improvement also start from these aspects. Optimized connection, the shell can be cast and welded, and bolts can also be used, so that the adaptability of jaw crusher in the use site is greatly improved. Optimize the cavity shape, that is, change the section shape of the toothed plate, get a more reasonable crushing cavity curve, so that the feeding and discharging get excellent coordination; change the suspension height to increase the horizontal stroke of the lower end of the moving jaw. Finally, improve the maintenance system.

In terms of efficiency, Professor Liu specially pointed out the maintenance and repair of the equipment, and said: the working principle and performance of the equipment fundamentally determine the production efficiency, but the maintenance and repair are controllable factors, which can improve the work efficiency very well. Before starting the equipment, carefully check the bearing lubrication, fasteners, protective devices, etc., ensure that the equipment is started without load, and determine the maintenance cycle of each component according to the rotating speed of jaw crusher. In the process of use, it is also necessary to control the feeding speed, feed evenly and avoid blocking. It is also necessary to control the temperature rise of the bearing not to exceed 35 ℃ and the ideal temperature not to exceed 70 ℃.


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