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Advanced Technology Of Crusher For Silica

Last Update:2020-05-05 06:31:46

Nowadays, the technology of silica crushing is advanced. Many powerful manufacturers adopt imported technology to realize the automation, advancement and perfection of silica crushing in China. With the increase of market demand, the crushing equipment for silica has also developed rapidly. Although the main function is to crush silica, with the application of modern technology, the crusher can also crush other materials, which is a very happy thing for users. However, in the production of the equipment, users need to pay attention to the following details.

Reasonable operation of the crushing equipment for silica is an effective guarantee to ensure that the equipment can bring very large production capacity to users, and at the same time, it can also limit the consumption of materials and the waste of funds. Before starting the machine, we must do a good job in the trial operation, and never directly enter the normal production. First of all, it is necessary to check the condition of the equipment to see whether the lubrication device is normal; check whether the feeding system and control equipment of the equipment are in good condition; check whether the belt and chain of the silica crusher are abnormal. When everything is in normal condition, we will have a test run, and then we can operate normally.

Whether the silica crusher can operate normally and uninterruptedly requires not only correct operation steps, but also the carefulness and sense of responsibility of operators. During the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to observe the operation of the equipment at all times. When it is found that the operation of the equipment is abnormal or the broken materials are in a state, it is necessary to use the relative method to solve the problem, but remember that the problem cannot be solved during the operation of the equipment, and it must be stopped before proceeding. In this way, the failure rate of the crushing equipment for silica can be reduced and the production efficiency of the equipment can be improved.

Finally, the operator is also required to do a good job of inspection after parking, such as the whole body cleaning of silica crushing equipment, looking at the wear of machine parts, and if the wear degree is serious, it must be replaced in time; check the lubrication condition of equipment and the quality of lubricating oil, if it does not meet the requirements, it must be replaced in time, and so on, to remove the abnormal phenomenon of silica crusher.

Although now the silica crushing technology has been upgraded, it is the embodiment of modern advanced technology, which can greatly improve the production efficiency. However, in the operation process of the equipment, attention is not paid to the details, so the days of high-efficiency production will not be very long, and the silica crusher will "grow neck" because it does not pay attention to the details.


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