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Adjustment Method Of Automatic Feeder Of Bentonite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-02 00:50:09

In the grinding production of bentonite mill, there are generally two kinds of feeding: manual feeding and automatic feeding. There will be some errors in manual feeding, which can not guarantee the uniform feeding of materials, and it is easy to cause the mill to block or break the material and idle. The automatic feeding device is a way to replace the manual feeding, which can realize continuous and even feeding and completely avoid the disadvantages of manual feeding. The following small series for you to analyze how to adjust the automatic feeder of bentonite mill. 1、 In the grinding production of bentonite mill, the automatic feeding can realize the feeding automation, which is mainly realized by the motor and current. When the current of the host is higher than the rated current, the automatic feeding will stop. When the current drops to the specified range, the automatic feeding will be realized. This feeding mode is to control the voltage through the disconnection and connection of the current relay, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding. 2、 When the bentonite pulverizer is grinding, the automatic feeding can be realized by starting the automatic feeding and then transferring the main control cabinet to the automatic device. At this time, it is necessary to gradually increase the potentiometer on the control cabinet. When the value reaches a certain range and remains stable, it can also be adjusted according to the rated current of the host, so as to change the current of the relay. 3、 When it is found that the current drops, it should be closed in time, so that the bentonite mill can maintain a good working condition, avoid the phenomenon of empty grinding or overload, and ensure the normal grinding operation.


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