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A Good Helper In The Production Of Machine Made Sand

Last Update:2020-05-02 23:22:43

Tower sand making system (VU aggregate optimization system) is a good helper in the production of machine-made sand. The market demand for sand and stone is increasing year by year, but the exploitation of natural sand is limited, so the machine-made sand is also popular. How to produce machine-made sand comparable to natural sand? Traditional machine-made sand is rough, multi-angle, uneven grading, too many impurities, coupled with strict environmental inspection, a number of sand and stone enterprises are facing a crisis. Under this background, the strategic cooperation between domestic large enterprises and Chinese and foreign enterprises is increasing rapidly, the integrated technology is developing rapidly, the technology, equipment, intelligent control and so on are improving continuously, and the tower type sand making complete system is widely concerned.

At present, more and more manufacturers can provide tower type sand making system in China, and liming heavy industry is one of the earliest manufacturers in China. The launch ceremony of VU-300 tower type aggregate optimization system of Liming heavy industry was held in Bauma CHINA 2018. According to the market demand for high-quality machine-made sand and the design concept of "high quality, environmental protection and intensification", the system is a tower type dry sand making system with better efficiency, which is suitable for sand making operations of various soft and hard stones, such as various aggregates and low-value stones and stone chips produced in the aggregate production process. The highly intensive tower type totally enclosed layout is adopted, which is composed of Vu impact breaking, VU mold screen, VU particle optimizer, humidification mixer, dust collection module and central control system, to produce finished sand with reasonable grading, round grain type and controllable powder content, as well as dry and clean high added value stone powder that can be recycled in a unified way. According to different requirements, the fineness modulus can be adjusted between 2.3-3.2 and the powder content between 5-13% without replacing any hardware.


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