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A Famous Crusher Factory In China Teaches You How To Repair Parts

Last Update:2020-05-08 21:50:34

Crusher has been widely used in many fields now, whether it is the crushing of mine stone or the construction of modern infrastructure, it can not do without the credit of crusher. The function of crusher is very wide. The well-known domestic crusher manufacturers say that there are a lot of crushers, but the loss of crusher is inevitable, because most of the crushing objects that the crusher will face are materials with high hardness. If the crusher is damaged, it needs to be repaired and treated, otherwise the production efficiency and safety will be affected. Next, the domestic very large crusher manufacturers introduce some common faults of crushers.

Generally, the faults of crusher can be divided into minor repair, medium repair and major repair. This classification is mainly based on the different degrees of fault damage of crusher. Domestic very large crusher manufacturers introduced that the maintenance time of general crusher can only be determined by combining with the actual production situation. The minor repair period is about 30 days, mainly for the overall inspection of the bowl shaped tiles; check the wear degree of the cone sleeve and straight sleeve of the vulnerable parts of the crusher; check whether the gear meshing clearance of the crusher is normal; The other is to check the clearance of the transmission bearing bush. If cracks or damages are found during these inspections, timely maintenance shall be carried out, and serious replacement shall be carried out. The overall equipment of the crusher shall be thoroughly cleaned.

It is said that maintenance is an important step to ensure the normal operation of crushers. It is undeniable that even domestic advanced crushers need periodic maintenance. The above said minor maintenance cycle and main maintenance contents. Next, let's talk about medium maintenance. Generally speaking, the intermediate maintenance needs to be carried out once half a year, mainly including the following maintenance contents: check the lining plate, eccentric shaft sleeve, taper sleeve and straight sleeve in time, and replace them in time in case of any abnormality; adjust or replace them according to the damage degree in case of any damage. There are also some crushers vulnerable to serious damage, such as: gear, transmission shaft and bearing shell for a half year of replacement and major adjustment. The frequency of medium maintenance is relatively small compared with that of minor maintenance, but it should be more careful, because failure to repair in time during medium maintenance may lead to abnormal operation of equipment.

The domestic very large crusher manufacturers point out that the minor repair and medium repair of the crusher can be used as the routine inspection every month, and the overhaul cycle of the crusher can be positioned once every three years. Of course, this is only a theory, and the specific overhaul time needs to be determined according to the application of crusher in the actual production process. Overhaul is often faced with major problems, if the fault is serious, it may need to replace equipment or carry out technical transformation. Domestic well-known crusher manufacturers said that if they do not want to overhaul the crusher equipment to be changed, then the crusher must be careful during minor repair and medium repair, and do a good job in equipment maintenance.


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