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A Detailed Explanation Of The Working Principle And Structure Of The Counterattack

Last Update:2020-05-09 02:22:39

Compared with other mechanical equipment, the working principle and function of impact breaking have more obvious advantages in crushing performance, which is one of the reasons why it is widely used. It can be seen from the market that due to improper operation or maintenance, especially the lack of thorough understanding of the drive scheme of impact breaking, the impact breaking wear of crushed stone is very serious

In fact, the working principle of the impact breaker is very similar to that of the sand making machine. In the process of actual operation, various faults are often encountered. This requires all operators to conduct comprehensive supervision and inspection on the equipment in time, so as to know the working principle of counterattack more effectively and proactively predict some faults that will occur and some control failures of the equipment, so as to grasp the working principle of counterattack, so as to solve the equipment faults as soon as possible.

A lot of users will ask what is the solution of counterattack driver. In fact, before that, we need to understand some common faults of equipment and solutions. In the process of using the equipment, it is the primary goal of the enterprise to improve the wear rate by using the drive scheme of impact breaking. In the actual production, the wear-resistant parts that impact breaking mainly include wear-resistant clamp block, feed sleeve and throwing head. The probability of damage to these vulnerable parts is very high. The drive scheme of impact breaking needs to be maintained and replaced in time to ensure the normal of the equipment function.

After the equipment is put into operation, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the structure of counterattack structure at the end of each shift. After weekly operation, conduct a comprehensive inspection on the motor and lubrication that break back. The contents of the inspection include the fastening of the fixed parts of the impact structure, the belt drive, the bearing seal, the impact lining plate and the wear of the lining plate. The regular maintenance and replacement system shall be established based on the maintenance cycle. The operator shall have the corresponding technical level to ensure that the maintenance and repair of the equipment are carried out correctly.

I believe that we all know from the above that the working principle of riprap is the key point to determine whether it can be used correctly and the service life of the equipment. Regardless of the driving scheme of riprap, when using riprap for operation, it is necessary to arrange the structural structure of riprap according to the actual situation, so as to ensure the normal operation of riprap riprap.


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