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A Detailed Explanation Of The Correct Use Of Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-10 05:48:28

Compared with the traditional mill, bauxite mill has more advanced technology and technology. Like other grinding equipment, bauxite mill also needs some skills in the process of use, so as to make it play a good performance. Here, we will learn more about the correct use of bauxite mill. 1. For the purchased bauxite grinder, we need professional technicians to install and debug it. Because, the correct installation is the basic premise to ensure the safe operation of bauxite mill. Therefore, after we purchased the European version mill, we asked the equipment manufacturer to send professional technicians to install it to ensure the installation quality of the equipment. 2. Operators of bauxite mill shall receive necessary professional training. Before the grinding operation, the relevant staff shall receive professional technical training to make them proficient in the use of the equipment and have the ability to deal with sudden failure before they can take up the post. 3. The bauxite mill should do the corresponding test work. During the trial operation of bauxite mill, attention should be paid to the two stages of empty operation and load operation. Pay attention to observe whether there is any abnormal condition in the operation of the equipment, find out the potential problems of the European version mill in time, and solve them in time, so as to avoid troubles to the later production. 4. Pay attention to the control of the ground materials. When we use bauxite mill, we should pay attention to the size, moisture and hardness of the ground materials. When feeding to the European plate mill, pay attention to ensure the uniform feeding state, prevent too fast and too slow or too many and too few, so as to avoid blocking in the grinding operation, and thus affect the grinding efficiency. 5. Do a good job in the maintenance of vulnerable parts. During the grinding process of bauxite mill, the grinding roller and ring are in direct contact with the material, which is easy to cause serious wear of components. This requires us to pay attention to the regular inspection, maintenance and replacement of vulnerable parts in the ordinary grinding operation to prevent the delay of normal grinding production. 6. Timely maintenance of bauxite mill. After the bauxite mill is finished, the equipment shall be cleaned timely,. At the same time, pay attention to the lubrication and maintenance of various parts to ensure the long-term durability of bauxite mill.


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