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69 Installation Process And Precautions Of Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 07:40:09

In general, excelsior will install the 69 crusher on the basis of concrete or steel mechanism, which is relatively firm, so that the equipment will not be loose during operation, and also ensure the quality of the steel machine and concrete, so as to ensure the operation status of the equipment. How the installation quality of the crusher directly affects the work of the equipment in the future, because the daily working environment of the equipment is relatively poor, which will produce a lot of inertia force in the operation. If the installation is not firm, the equipment will shake.

In the installation process of the 69 crusher, it is necessary to separate it from the factory building and the residents' houses to prevent the vibration or noise generated during the operation of the equipment from affecting them to a certain extent. The foundation of the crusher must be separated from the foundation of the plant to prevent the vibration of the plant caused by the operation of the equipment. During the operation of 69 crusher, in order to reduce the vibration of the equipment, anti vibration things can also be added between the foundation and the frame, such as rubber or wood for lining, etc.

After the installation of 69 crusher, it is necessary to test the equipment. The operator must carry out the test according to the steps of the test, empty car test. First, start the motor to see that the rotation direction of the crusher impeller is the same as that of the label. If not, stop the machine and check the wiring position. If any abnormal or harsh sound is found during the test run, the operator must not be careless. The equipment can only be started again after stopping the machine to check and solve the problem. All problems encountered in the trial operation shall be solved by the user seriously. Only in this way can the normal and orderly operation of the 69 crusher be ensured in the future.

Everyone knows that the price of 69 crusher is not cheap, a user may need to spend their own general funds to purchase a crusher, so we should take the installation of 69 crusher seriously. Only by ensuring the correct and firm installation of the equipment and paying attention to the above matters in the installation process, can the stable and orderly work be ensured in the future.


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