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1210 Counterattack

Last Update:2020-05-14 13:10:23

Impact crusher is a common type of crusher. For counterattack because of its relatively wide application, in order to better adapt to the needs of various industries, it also has many models to meet the specific production requirements. Among them, the more common 1210 impact crusher. Then, specifically, how to fully understand 1210 impact crusher. The following professionals made relevant introduction:

Nowadays, there are many types of crushers in the market. When it comes to impact crusher, impact crusher is not like the earlier jaw crusher and sand production line. As soon as the impact crusher appeared, it set off a boom in the industry, making the crusher industry develop more rapidly. Is a very representative equipment, it should be said that the emergence of the impact crusher represents the development of the crusher industry has a new start. As a typical focus of counter crusher equipment, 1210 engine is favored by consumers for its reasonable price.

Different crushers have different performance and application range. As a common crusher equipment, impact crusher has many advantages, but it has not been widely used. The main reason is the problem of vulnerable parts, which is an essential part of the work of the impact crusher. However, the vulnerable parts of 1210 impact crusher are too easy to wear, which is why the impact crusher has not been widely used. However, with the development of science and technology, manufacturers of impact crusher have found a kind of wear-resistant material, which makes up for the defect of wearing parts of impact crusher. And the equipment will also get a good play in the industry to reflect its market value.

For 1210 impact crusher, different from hammer crusher, we can see their advantages more clearly through understanding. When the material of 1210 impact crusher enters the action area of the plate hammer in the shell, it is broken by the high-speed impact of the plate hammer, and at the same time, it is thrown to the impact plate installed above the rotor for re breaking. Then, it bounces back from the reaction plate to the vent in the action area of the plate hammer and breaks again and again, until the material is broken to the required particle size and discharged out of the machine. The hammer crusher is a high-speed rotating hammer, which collides with the material to break. It has the characteristics of simple structure, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, and can be used for dry and wet crushing. In recent years, 1210 impact crusher's good performance and high efficiency productivity have attracted much attention in the mineral processing industry. I hope that you can choose the right one to ensure the normal production.


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